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Remote Refrigeration

remote refrigeration

remote refrigeration - True Refrigeration

True Refrigeration True TMT-06-IO-208 Condenser Unit Remote

True Refrigeration True TMT-06-IO-208 Condenser Unit Remote

Remote Condensing Units Include: Oversized aluminum fin, copper tube condenser, sized for high ambient temperature. Liquid line drier. Sightglass. Handvalve. Low pressure control. High pressure safety switch. Large electrical panel for ease of access. UL listed for both U.S. and Canada.Condensing Units Include: Galvanized hood. Low ambient head pressure control Crankcase heater.Refrigerator sold seperately, see item # T-72-RC or GDM-72-RCAdditional Discount applies if refrigerator purchased at same time.

78% (13)



Before the Anatomy Act of 1832, the only legal supply of corpses for anatomical purposes in the UK were those condemned to death and dissection by the courts. Those who were sentenced to dissection by the courts were often guilty of comparatively harsher crimes. Such sentences did not provide enough subjects for the medical schools and private anatomical schools (which did not require a licence before 1832). While during the 18th century hundreds had been executed for trivial crimes, by the 19th century only about 55 people were being sentenced to capital punishment each year. However, with the expansion of the medical schools, as many as 500 cadavers were needed.

Before electric power to supply refrigeration, bodies would decay rapidly and become unusable for study. Therefore, the medical profession turned to body snatching to supply the deficit of bodies fresh enough to be examined.

Stealing a corpse was only a misdemeanour at common law, not a felony, and was therefore only punishable with fine and imprisonment, rather than transportation or execution. The trade was a sufficiently lucrative business to run the risk of detection, particularly as the authorities tended to ignore what they considered a necessary evil.

Body snatching became so prevalent that it was not unusual for relatives and friends of someone who had just died to watch over the body until burial, and then to keep watch over the grave after burial, to stop it being violated. Iron coffins, too, were used frequently, or the graves were protected by a framework of iron bars called mortsafes, well-preserved examples of which may still be seen in Greyfriars churchyard, Edinburgh. By the way, this vigil is where we get the term "pulling the graveyard shift" I love that.

One method the body snatchers used was to dig at the head end of a recent burial, digging with a wooden spade (quieter than metal). When they reached the coffin (in London the graves were quite shallow), they broke open the coffin, put a rope around the corpse and dragged it out. They were often careful not to steal anything such as jewellery or clothes as this would cause them to be liable to a felony charge.

The Lancet reported another method. A manhole-sized square of turf was removed 15 to 20 feet (5 to 6 m) away from the head of the grave, and a tunnel dug to intercept the coffin, which would be about 4 feet (1.2 m) down. The end of the coffin would be pulled off, and the corpse pulled up through the tunnel. The turf was then replaced, and any relatives watching the graves would not notice the small, remote disturbance. The article suggests that the number of empty coffins that have been discovered "proves beyond a doubt that at this time body snatching was frequent".

During 1827 and 1828, some Edinburgh resurrectionists including Burke and Hare changed their tactics from grave-robbing to murder, as they were paid more for very fresh corpses. Their activities, and those of the London Burkers who imitated them, resulted in the passage of the Anatomy Act 1832. This allowed unclaimed bodies and those donated by relatives to be used for the study of anatomy, and required the licensing of anatomy teachers, which essentially ended the body snatching trade. The use of bodies for scientific research in the UK is now governed by the Human Tissue Authority.

"Livin' on island time" ~

"Livin' on island time" ~

A view of Kaibo Park from the sandy beach where we enjoyed an elegant and romantic Mother's Day dinner at Kaibo Restaurant upstairs.

Kaibo Club on Grand Caymans Northside offers a down to earth, laid back beach bar with great food, cold drinks and affordable prices.

Kaibo offers a chic bamboo and copper bar, sheltered with thatch roofs and creative lighting. Kaibo offers an enormous selection of ice cold beer - "the coldest on the island, far colder than any refrigeration can achieve" – all completely covered with mountains of ice. All day and all night! Their fun and knowledgeable wait staff adds to their creative retro beach setting that also offers modern conveniences like wifi. Kaibo's menus include island specialties, salads and sandwiches. Activities includes beach volley and an array of water sports. Spend a full day at Kaibo Beach and get away from it all. Their seemingly endless assortment of mixed and frozen cocktails enhances their exquisite beach experience.

Kaibo Beach is a decidedly unpretentious favorite with the locals. Even when the regulars frequent their favorite boat access beach bar, there is always plenty of space on Kaibo's expansive white sand beach.

Kaibo's beach bar food is fresh, simple and of very generous portions. Their most common customer feedback is "delicious and affordable". The post a chalk board of daily specials, both food and drink. At sunset Kaibo fills up with regulars wanting the best sunset views on Grand Cayman. Kaibo offers a separate kids menu with lower prices. Kaibo's beach front dining offers a separate dinner menu, delicious in its simplicity and use of local fish and other ingredients. Their Coconut Curry Grouper is a favorite among locals. Locally caught fish is another of their ongoing specials. Their wine list is quite large and diverse. Private parties can use their thatched cabanas located directly on the beach for added privacy with white curtains and a true Caribbean paradise. Kaibo offers a popular rare rum bar, available to beach diners upon request. Located in remote Cayman Kai, Kaibo is well worth the drive from anywhere in Grand Cayman, and an opportunity to see some of the real island life along the way.

Kaibo is the perfect paradise beach bar with coconut palms, fishermen, double lounge chairs and thatched cabanas. Kaibo offers a water taxi service from Seven Mile Beach. Kaibo special events include: Luna Del Mar Mardi Gras Annual Kite Festival Caribbean Beach BBQ and is a popular location for private and corporate parties and weddings. Kaibo is the perfect spot to do nothing and just relax. Or Join their many fun activities that include kayaking, yoga classes, and many more. Kaibo is the Cayman Islands favorite remote getaway.

remote refrigeration

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